Published on February 4th, 2013 | by YouParent


Parents have more influence over their teen’s lives…

… than friends, music, TV and the Internet. The Partnership® at brings together scientists, experts and communicators to address teen drug use and addiction. They provide information and tools so that families can prevent use and get help if it occurs. Learn how to explain to your teen why you don’t want him or her drinking and using drugs: Parents have more influence over their teens lives than, friends, music, TV, the Internet.

About the Author

YouParent is a program of Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community. We are a coalition of Burlington residents, businesses, schools, colleges, parents, youth, medical professionals, students, social services, law enforcement officials, court representatives and more. We recognize that the damages of drugs, alcohol abuse and tobacco effect us all and we work together to create a healthier environment in Burlington, Vermont.

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